The weather here in Arizona stays pretty mild but even here, temperatures can get cooler and your Ford often has to work harder to do a good job for you. If you plan on taking your Ford to cold, snowy climates in the next few months, it becomes especially important to winterize your Ford vehicle as soon as possible. Here are some reasons to visit the service center at Bradley Ford in Lake Havasu AZ before temperatures fall much farther.

Wintertime tip #1: Have us do a tire check

Your tires are always a critical safety factor even if you never see a single snowflake around Lake Havasu or Kingman, AZ. That’s why you should have us check your tires. We can examine the tread depth to make sure you can travel safely and steer accurately. We can also check for irregular wear patterns and regular tire rotations help address both issues. Ask us to check your wheel alignment to make sure you’re steering straight and true.

Wintertime tip #2: Have us do a battery check

Your battery is one component that doesn't send out much of a warning signal if it's wearing out. Yet you obviously don't want to be stopped overnight in colder weather and find that your car won't start the next morning. Colder temperatures are hard on batteries so we can do a load test to see if you have enough power. We can also install a new battery if you need one before you head back to Bullhead City or Parker AZ.

Wintertime tip #3: Let us check your windshield wipers

If the weather turns rainy around Laughlin NV or if you travel to wetter, colder regions, your windshield wipers become very important. We can help make sure they're in good enough condition to give you a clear look at the world. If not, we can install brand new ones. Reach out and schedule service for our cold weather checkup and let us winterize your Ford at Bradley Ford in Lake Havasu AZ.

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