There’s so much to do in Lake Havasu City. From campgrounds to beaches and community parks, you can spend a weekend hanging out with your family and friends. But, what’s even better is being able to travel with your loved ones while you head out to those locations in Lake Havasu. And the only way to do that is what a spacious SUV. Why buy an SUV? Well, the better question would be, why not buy an SUV from Bradley Ford.

Why Buy a Used SUV in Lake Havasu City

Lower Price Tag

Brand new SUVs come with brand new price tags. You’ll wind up paying a good amount of money for a full-sized SUV to transport your passengers from Lake Havasu to Kingman. But, there’s a way to get around those high prices while still getting your hands on a quality SUV. And, that road leads to our used selection of SUVs right here at Bradley Ford.

More Space

You’ll get the space you need for those weekend getaways or trips out of Bullhead City. From two to three rows of seating, luxurious interior designs that make way for more head and legroom, and entertainment features that will keep everyone entertained along the way. That’s just one reason to purchase a used SUV, but there’s a few more.

Equipped with Current Features

Many of the technological features you see in new SUVs originated in some older models. What does that mean? It means that you’ll have the same features that are available today. Things like Bluetooth compatibility and infotainment screens are equipped inside most “older” model vehicles. So, while you may not have the newest features, you’ll still have current features that are still in use today. Think of using an iPhone XR while the iPhone 13 is out. It’s basically the same phone, except with a newer camera. Your used SUV is the same as a new one, except with a newer camera.

Already Customized

Chances are that you’ll find a pre-owned SUV that has already been customized to your liking. Whether it’s exterior upgrades and vinyl designs or a certain package that you wanted with a certain trim. Your pre-owned SUV could already have the look you wanted, and you didn’t have to pay anything extra for it. Sometimes, it pays to let someone else do the hard work for you while you reap the benefits.

Used SUVs in Lake Havasu City

Those are just a handful of reasons why it pays to shop for pre-owned SUVs in Lake Havasu City. We have a wide range of pre-owned SUVs from Ford, Lincoln, Jeep Brand SUV, Hyundai, Toyota, Chevrolet, and more. You can check out everything we have to offer so you can find the perfect vehicle to get you and your family out to Lake Havasu State Park for some good times.

Bradley Ford

From Bullhead City to Parker Laughlin, NV, we’ve got what you need right here at Bradley Ford. When you’re ready to set up a test drive, you can contact one of our friendly sales representatives or reach out via text through our website. We’ll connect with you and ensure that you get the keys to the vehicle you want. We’ll see you soon.